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VAUGHAN 17-oz Plain Face Straight Handle Hammer and 15-in Superbar for $14.98 YMMV

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Went to Lowes in Plymouth meeting PA Store #0757
Saw they had this set on sale for $14.98
VAUGHAN 17-oz Plain Face Straight Handle Hammer and VAUGHAN 15-in Superbar
17-oz Plain Face Straight Handle Hammer
• Vaughan Stealth 17-oz hammer and Superbar
• 17-oz plain face all-steel hammer with large striking face
• Has the driving power of a 32-oz hammer
• Magnetic nail starter holds both standard and duplex nails
• Vaughan 15-in Superbar
• Shepherd's crook head design for maximum prying power
• Forged, spring tempered steel for heavy-duty use
• 3 beveled nail slots, polished, sharp blades for easy insertion
• Made in the USA

When I went to search on amazon for it the Hammer its currently selling for $27.90
So the hammer plus the superbar looks like a pretty good deal I was able to pick one up they had about 6 left in stock

Heres the link for deal from lowes website:

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