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FastTrack at GOT

In Travel - Posted on Jul 02, 2015 18:36 - From:

FastTrack at GOT

Isn't there supposed to be a FastTrack security in GOT? I just arrived and expected the airport is a zoo, packed with tourists headed out on vacation.

Nothing wrong with that but when I hate one thing, it is standing in a line behind of 5 families with a bunch of children and elderlies trying to clear security... :(

There is and FastTrack sign and asking the guy at the BP control produced a 'yes, this is security'... pointing me to the mass of people and pushed me forward. No, really?

Waiting pissed in the line I intercepted another security guy rushing by and he said: 'Uhm, yes... Go there left and then cut the line and go right at the front'. Doing that of course I had to survive the glare of death from all the other pax waiting in line, some even shouted at me.

Then they kept scanning my backpack 4 times in the x-Ray and made me open my carry-on which really does not have anything in it besides s couple of shirts and underwear.... Unbelievable?

Is there some secret entrance to GOT FastTrack or is it just the way it is and it is combined with the regular security?

At least the new lounge is nice and I really like the noodle salmon salad :)


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