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CKAN Mod Support thread on Kerbal Space Program

Have you found a mod on the CKAN that's not installing properly, or installing the wrong version? Here's a list of things to check:

Do you have the most recent CKAN release?

The CKAN has a fast release cycle and is updated regularly. Please check our release page to make sure you have the most recent release.

Is your modlist up to date?

The CKAN metadata is constantly being updated. Please hit the refresh button in the GUI, or `ckan.exe update` on the command-line. Your issue may have already been solved!

Does it relate to a new release that's less than three hours old?

The CKAN indexer can take up to three hours to index a mod. If it's a very new release and we seem to be missing it, the indexer bot may still be digesting the release. Please be patient!

Are you using the right KSP install?

This seems obvious, but do check that your KSP version is what you expect, and CKAN is running on the KSP install you intend.

Is it a genuine bug that needs to be tracked and fixed?

CKAN development is focused on github. Reporting bugs there means both contributors and interested parties can track their progress. If you've found a genuine bug, please search for it on github and add to the appropriate ticket, or create a new ticket as appropriate.

Have you read the code of conduct?

The CKAN project takes matters of diversity and safety very seriously. Behaviour which violates the code of conduct will not be tolerated.

Have you checked all of the above?

Great! Then this is the place for you to post. Please be aware that the CKAN is a volunteer effort, and is the result of hundreds of contributors volunteering their time and effort, so please be patient and respectful. If you know a solution to someone else's issue, please do offer them assistance and help. If you'd like to contribute more to the CKAN, or would just like to participate further, we suggest you join our IRC channel, check out the CKAN wiki, or even comment on or tackle one of our issues.

When posting, please include all of the following:

* Your CKAN version (seen in the window title, or from `ckan.exe version`)
* Your KSP version
* Your operating system
* If an exception was thrown, everything up to (but not including) the "Loaded Assemblies" line
* Any other details that you feel are relevant.

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Hello, I'm just a little confused on how the whole CKAN program works. I installed it recently as it looked helpful, but I'm having some trouble. My mods are: Active Texture Management (Aggressive), Deadly Reentry Continued, FAR, KAE, KAS, KJR, Kethane, Infernal Robotics, MJ2, Module Manager, Procedural Fairings, Procedural Parts, RemoteTech, SCANsat, TweakScale, TAC Life Support, and KW Rocketry. Most of them are fine, but there's just a couple problems. First, I decided to download Active T...

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FAR via CKAN This thread is for all support questions relating to FAR for those users who have installed it via CKAN. If you have installed FAR through CKAN, post here, not the regular FAR thread. Note: moderators will move support requests posted in the FAR thread into this thread if they are from CKAN users. ...

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My fresh .25 has these mods in versions that are all explicitly for .25: * Taurus HCV shows up in VAB * Kerbal Joint Reinforcement does not display its status upon loading a vessel * MechJeb does have the case in VAB, but does not show a sidebar or a toolbar button when placed * Stage Recovery does not show a toolbar button, nor does it recover anything * Chatterer does not show or speak * Texture Replacer does not show its status on the splash screen * Procedural Fairings parts show in VAB * Ve...

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I've been playing KSP for quite some time with some minor mods, but today I tried to give Interstellar a try (mostly for the aluminum oxide rockets and resource gathering on the mun). It's causing some problems for me in the VAB, and I need a little Kerban help getting things "circularized." ;) First things first, here's my install: * KSP x86_64 0.25.0 from Steam * Linux, although I don't think that matters in the slightest * Preexisting mods (sorry for the names, I have to go from...

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Alright, so here's my mega mod thread thing. I'll post any mods I might make on this topic, along with any other updates about them I may have. ---------------Radial Probe Core---------------- Have you ever wanted to have a low profile probe core that can be easily attached to any ship? Now you can. Vinyl has saved the day again, and by saving the day, we mean stuffing an OKTO core inside of a box. Introducing, the Radial Probe Core. By Vinyl All-Round Products. You could try putting t...

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So I've downloaded a number of small mods and the only one not working is one that is mean to add ion engine sounds. I checked in the part files and I'm fairly confident of the new ionEngine.cfg and the actual sound files themselves, but I don't know where to actually put them. The mod made a "part" file inside the ion engine file and put them there, but that clearly isn't working (in .25 at least) nor is it what other engines apparently do. So where do I put them? ...

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Just a thread to compliment the Unmodded Linux Thread. Will update the OP later with more information, but I'm tired. Post here if you need some Linux specific help and you run a modded KSP. - - - Updated - - - I'd like the second and third posts too ...

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Can somebody explain to me how to install and use the extended hangar mod because it is not specific at all for update .25 :P ...

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Hello ! New model of the Raptor serie . I've used Firespitter , KerbalFoundries , MagicSmokeIndustries & BahamutoDs Armory Parts ( 2 Parts / 4 Parts / 2 Parts / 9 Parts ) 6 Seats , 25 Tons and 324 Parts with the Raptor looking serie . Raptor GAS : Let's rock ! ...

[Support - Windows] Freezing on Startup - Mod list stops moving on Kerbal Space Program

When I start up KSP (Modded version), when it is loading the mods, it freezes about halfway through but the startup comments still move. I have installed the B9 Aerospace packs with all the folders in gamedata. Whatever i do it just stop working. I use the 32bit version. Please Help! ...

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So I thought this might be an idea, a single thread for anyone to ask "Is there a mod for such-and-such?" Since the chances are good that there is and somebody knows about it, and the forum search often isn't very good. I'll start with my own query, Is there a mod to show the orbital period for your projected course? Not just around the current body but after you've gone through SOI transitions. I would find this useful for setting up repeat gravity assists. ...

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Hey, check out the spotlight I just did for the TAC Life Support Mod on YouTube!: ...

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Hi guys, I am not sure what mod may be the root of this to my command pod.. it appears the texture is not placed correctly? also, I am using active texture management for the first time perhaps this is the cause? will be a shame as I love what its doing for my install :( ...

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I tried to install the B9 aerospace mod, but it crashes every time I use it. Does anyone know how to install it? This is what I did: ...

[Support - Windows] Problems with part scaling in Interstellar mod. on Kerbal Space Program

I'm having problems with the scale of parts in the Interstellar mod, I've had this problem before on another mod over a year ago but diving into my post history brought up nothing, so here I am. The scale of the Magnetic nozzle engines is off in the mod, they're all a bit under their correct scale, which means they don't match up with their connection nodes and seem to float under the rest of the ship. These engines are not the only art with this problem, the large Argon tank has this as well...

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