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Cisco Packet Tracer | VLANS | OSPF

In Network - Posted on Jul 02, 2015 11:15

Cisco Packet Tracer | VLANS | OSPF

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I have a case study network due in about 11 hours, and while saving my final result, the program crashed and corrupted the master file. I have a backup, but it is missing just about half of the configuration. Does anyone know if it's possible to recover the file instead of actively rebuilding the network? I have dump files if that can help any. I will be working on rebuilding the network, but getting sleep between now and class in 11 hours is also critical....

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I am using Cisco access points as a point to point bridge between 2 buildings. Currently we have 2 SSIDs. One for Voice and one for data. We've grown and now are looking at splitting up the adjacent building into multiple vlans. Can I assign the new vlans to a single ssid or do I have to create a new ssid for each new vlan?...

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