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Crazy set up..

In Internet - Posted on Jun 30, 2015 11:31 - From:

Crazy set up..

Hello peeps =)

So we have a mad set up in our apartment block;

Main router feeds:

the 2nd router (

the 3rd router ( feeds ==> an access point (not sure of this IP)

the 4th router ( ==> access point (not sure of this IP)
All connecting via ethernet!

So, there are in total 6 different SSID's all being fed by the main router via Ethernet. The dude that set it up basically left the routers on different IPs (shown above) which I don' think is right?! (but what do I know =/ )

Well it can't be because we're always getting connectivity issues and I don't want to keep calling him for to tell me the same crap. So I thought I'd ask some real pros about it..

My noobie thinking is to set up like this:

Main router

2nd router ==> Access point

3rd router ==> Access point

4th router

I would obviously turn off the DCHP on all routers except the main one and start the IPs at -- 255 .

I know I wouldn't have a problem with 2nd, 3rd and 4th but would I have a problem with connecting an access point to the 2nd and 3rd routers as technically they're also now access points?!


thanks in advance.

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